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Terms and conditions

  • Brian Smith, “Equine Dental Technician (EDT)” hereby undertakes to carry out a full dental examination of the individual horses booked for treatment by the Client(s), or their Agent(s); to inform and to explain to the Clients, or their Agents the nature of the dental work required, which services may include any of those narrated in paragraph 5 hereof; to carry out the dental work to the high standard expected of him as an EDT and to demonstrate (where appropriate) the specific improvement achieved.  All efforts will be made to carry out any required equine dental procedures without sedation.
  • The Client(s), or their Agent(s) shall provide a safe working environment for the EDT.  Treatment will only be provided in a stable or loose box with a door and tying facilities.  For the avoidance of doubt, treatment will not be provided in fields, field shelters or on hard standings.
  • Further Client(s), or their Agent(s) shall provide:
    • access to an electricity supply. In the event that this is not possible, the Client, or their Agent must inform the EDT at the time of arranging the appointment.
    • access to fresh water for hygiene reasons, both for dental tools and for the EDT.
    • a towel for every 3 horses to be treated, to allow the EDT to maintain hygiene standards.
  • All contact and address details provided by the Client will be treated as confidential unless otherwise instructed.
  • Equine Dental Procedures may include:

Basic Dental Maintenance   A basic floating (rasping) is designed to help the horse whose mouth has already been balanced and is regularly seen by a veterinarian or EDT.  This is achieved by the removal of enamel points and also the maintenance of the correct table angles.
Performance Floats   A performance float is similar to the basic float but has emphasis on achieving improved balance and can include creating bit-seats and the reduction and rounding of canines if required, with inspection and reduction of incisors if necessary.
A “bit-seat” is the rounding of the first cheek teeth.  This procedure is aimed at improving the comfort of the bit, and helping the proper mastication and flow of food.  In order to achieve a performance float, horses may require to be sedated.  
NOTE: sedation can only be legally administered by a veterinary practitioner and any costs relating thereto are the sole responsibility of client.
Advanced dentistry is performed to alleviate major problems which can occur, and usually involves the use of power driven instruments and may require sedation under the supervision of the Client's veterinary practitioner.

    • All treatments must be paid for in cash on the day of the treatment.  Month end billing agreements may be entered into by prior arrangement for block bookings of 10 or more horses, owned or managed by the same commercial client, within the United Kingdom only.  Month end billing is not available to individuals or livery yards.  In the event that treatment takes place out with the United Kingdom, payment shall be made in the local currency, at the rate agreed per horse treated, on the day of treatment.
    • 48 hours notice must be provided in the event of cancellation of an appointment, failing which a cancellation fee of 50% of the basic dental maintenance treatment will be charged.





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