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Brian Smith

Equine Dental Care, working through out UK, Holland, France and Germany.


"Brian was first recomended to me for equine dental care almost 4 years ago,and he's now looked after both horses that I've had.I'm more than happy with the care and attention that he gives,and hope to continue to use him for as long as I have a horse.I have recommended him to friends,and so far I haven't heard a word of complaint."

Jane Wilde

"Over the winter months my daughter's horse lost form, developed a cut in her mouth, and  her jumping and flat work became erratic.   She had blood tests, a full health check, feed changes, supplements and several new bits, but  things did not improve.   Exasperated and  desperately seeking a solution,   we tried the back specialist , Tex and he quickly advised that the problem was her mouth. He  highly recommended Brian Smith who  kindly  visited at short notice and Brian confirmed that  her mouth was appalling.   With no assistance, no sedation and  state of the art dentistry  equipment, Brian quickly and efficiently solved the problem.  Whilst her teeth had been checked on several occasions,  we had been previously been  advised that they were fine, however Brian described her mouth as" shocking." Within hours of her dentistry she was happily  out jumping and my daughter could not  believe the transformation  - she had her horse back.  Since then she has been out competing and  performing well  in all disciplines."

"I had never used an EDT for my horses' teeth till I met Brian. My horse had had a very bad experience using a vet six months previously and I didn't know how he'd be. Brian was professional and efficient and I was really impressed. When Brian was off work another EDT came to the yard and I used him, though he was really good and I had no complaints whatsoever I went back to Brian recently to do my own horse and a project horse I have just now. Would highly recommend Brian."

Thanks from Torrie's mum and Drammie's auntie


"Brian Smith has been looking after my horses' teeth for 3 years now. He has dealt with 4 different horses during that time. All have been happy in their mouths and the one which needed to be seen 6 monthly has now gone on to yearly visits. He works quietly but firmly, using hand rasps as well as electrical , and my pony, who is very unsure about having her teeth done, was done with very little fuss.I would definitely recommend Brian"


"A big thank you to Brian Smith. My two highlands ponies are relaxed and behave well during their treatment. This was not always the case. My gelding had to be sedated by a vet when his teeth were being checked and/or rasped as he kept rearing. Brian showed that having the ponies teeth checked or rasped does not have to be stressful. I cannot commend Brian’s service enough."

G Fraser from Oban



€50 /£45 for 2 to 10 horses

€60/£55 for one horse only




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